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          Alessia's Ristorante Italiano opened their doors in June of 2004.  Owners Jonathan and Shari Carr have created the best authentic Italian restaurant in the east valley of Mesa, Arizona.  Unlike most other Italian restaurants, Alessia's features dishes made from scratch every time you order with a focus on freshness featuring recipes from central to northern Italy.  Alessia's has created a wonderful neighborhood family Italian restaurant which is great for dining any day of the week.  If you're looking for something other than the turn and burn establishments of today, the Carr family invites you to sit and enjoy our wonderful food and enjoy our casual atmosphere!

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Who Is Alessia?

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Alessia (L) and Chef Shari (R)     Aug,2005

Who is Alessia?

Who is Alessia you ask?  Alessia is owners Jon and Shari Carr's niece who lives in Signa, Italy.  Signa is a small town just outside of Florence, Italy.  Shari's sister has lived in Italy for many years and still happily resides there.  This luxury has afforded Jon and Shari the chance to visit Italy on several occasions and inspired Shari (the chef) to learn the cuisine and techniques used in central to northern Italy.  Shari was also fortunate to have trained with a chef from Rome, Italy in excess of ten years.  With this background you can probably taste the food already!

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